Fred works with entrepreneurs and sales professionals to build better business relationships, effectively communicate their value and develop a tribe of enthusiastic clients so that they can have more free time, income and opportunities to live the life they truly want. Many of my clients have struggled with

  • Who are you to your customers? — Create a brand story that deeply resonates & connects with your ideal client.
  • People don’t trust you! — You gain integrity with people
  • Do you struggle relating with others? — Learn how to better connect.
  • Are you a person of influence? — Discover what behavior patterns you need to increase your relationship building skils.
  • Are you a strong networker? — How build a community of 50 new strategic partners this year.
If any of the above are where you are right now, then read on. I want to share how because of your story you can Become a Connexion.

You can be the Connexion in your world when you realize that there are lives in need of your impact! Yes, you can bring hope to others because you have a message to share that can influence humanity. As a Connexion for people, you’ll foster change and make a difference bettering our world. It’s the entrepreneur who wants to share their idea with the world, the service agency that wants to stop being the best kept secret in their field, the businessperson that’s tired of trading time for dollars. It’s the salesperson that says “I’ve got a message inside of me and it’s time to stop chasing clients and be sought out by clients who want what I have.”

When you become the Connexion, you attract clients because you impact people by creating a new approach to interacting in business or personal relationships. Instead of pursuing others, people will pursue you. When you enroll and join my community you’ll begin to think like and become a Connexion.

When you’re trading time for dollars you‘re chained to an office desk and have become a prisoner of a system that holds you hostage and consumes all of your time. You have no freedom. But when you become a Connexion, you help a lot of people get connected via relationships you’ve developed and build a lifestyle friendly business that helps you gather more clients while giving you more personal time to do what you love.



As a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, Fred is backed with the excellence and resources to help you further your goals.


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Connexion Blueprint

Expand your business relationships, personal relationships, and leadership relationships while fueling your passion through the power of story. It's because of your story you'll have the power to impact others.

Fulfill Your Passions

Are you finding yourself frustrated in your work? Fred will help you discover the roadblocks to your success and help you affirm your passion and begin your journey towards success and finding the time to accomplish the things you are most passionate about.

“Fred is a respected and dedicated community leader who is masterful at bringing people together to listen to one another, develop stronger relationships and better understanding.”
Matt Utterback
Superintendent North Clackamas Schools