Fred W Douglas Jr

Fred is one of today’s most innovative speakers. His message of Connexion leads business professionals and corporate clients to redefine success from an internal perspective and reexamine personal mission and impact. Anchored upon the power of Story, Fred facilitates the creation of key transformative strategies to improve internal and external relations, build a productive team, and increase company profits.

Vibrant, genuine, and compelling are the hallmarks of Fred’s presentations. Fred’s message springs from his story of personal evolution; from an orphan, losing half his hearing, being bullied in school and on to becoming a respected community and ministry leader.

Today, Fred is an empowering speaker/coach who is passionate about spreading his message of the power of story because if you can authentically be yourself, then you can truly influence others. Weaving together his nonprofit acumen and personal lessons with unique yet universal self-assessments, Fred challenges audiences to go beneath the surface challenges they may be facing and to dig deep within themselves to harness the innate power to change.

Fred is a 44-year veteran in the field of youth and family ministry. He’s a graduate of Warner Pacific University and an ordained minister associated with the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). Fred recently retired from a 40-year career in the nonprofit world. He has served as an Area Director, Ministry Coordinator and Executive Director (24 years).

Fred has also served on national boards, local boards, nonprofit boards and school boards. He’s coached sports teams at the collegiate level, high school level and youth level.

Whether he’s coaching teens or adult leaders within the corporate industry, Fred teaches his audiences to be cognitively self-aware and to look within themselves to define who they are, question how they are currently living or working, and why. He facilitates the individual’s process of internal discovery by challenging them to change self-perception, and taxing habits and take responsibility for who they want to be, and how they can impact their world. Through the discovery of story, Fred sparks self-examination of the why’s behind beliefs, thoughts, decisions, and actions; he encourages people to forge a path anchored in a firm understanding of the person they embody and to live inspired and make a positive imprint on the world around them.

Fred’s personal background, business experience, style, and commitment to his clients make him instrumental in fostering personal and business empowerment.

Fred and his wife, Denise, reside in Clackamas, Oregon and have two grown sons.

Phil Newell, DMin

Executive Coach & Adjunct at Portland Seminary

Fred Douglas has been a dear friend and trusted colleague for nearly 40 years. Time after time I have watched him give his best for the sake of the youth of our city, both from the platform where he shares entertaining yet challenging messages, to hundreds of one-on-one conversations with youth and/or their parents at any time day or night. He is highly respected by all who meet him and carries a reputation for integrity and reliability. On many occasions, while fulfilling my various leadership roles, I have sought his counsel and have always found it to be timely and informed. Without a moment’s hesitation, I can clearly and easily recommend Fred Douglas, confident you will find him to be a remarkable resource and companion.

William Paul Young

Author of The Shack

I have known Fred since we were in college together and he has consistently remained a person of safety, refuge and deep-hearted kindness. His passion to love people toward wholeness has never wavered, his ability to make each person he encounters the center of affection and his authentic openness with his own story have impacted many. I love and trust Fred and am a better man because he is in my life.

Jim Brown

Lead Pastor Portland Open Bible Church

As a Senior Pastor, I have frequently called upon Fred's excellent speaking and motivational gifts to fill my pulpit in my absence. Our congregation always looks forward to hearing from him and when I return I frequently receive multiple numbers of positive reports from our congregants after he has spoken.

Georgene Rice

Radio Talk host, KPDQ Radio, Portland

Fred Douglas is an extraordinary leader with several decades experience working with young people and adults, navigating the often treacherous waters of making connections, building bridges, and building relationships. He is a great listener who connects well because he listens well and genuinely cares. He recognizes others’ value despite their differences or potential conflicts. Fred has the uncanny ability to assess a given situation, anticipate potential challenges, and to design and implement solutions. Known as a thoughtful leader, Fred Douglas is a skilled communicator and problem solver. He helps individuals and organizations discover their blind spots and develop their capacity to connect. I’ve had occasion to work with Fred and I still marvel at his boundless energy and unwavering commitment to bringing people together.

Truth is Fred Douglas has been a gift to our community. I would encourage anyone looking for seasoned, insightful leadership, to take full advantage of Fred Douglas’ considerable skills and experience. I admire Fred Douglas for his character and for the work he has done. I look forward to this next chapter in his remarkable story.

Rob Classen

Pastor at Two Rivers Church Milwaukie, Oregon

I’ve known Fred Douglas for over 40 years! He’s been in ministry so long in the Portland area that I’m sure everyone must know him!

Fred is the kind of man who is comfortable wherever he is and with any kind of person he’s with. He has spoken at a number of retreats that I have led and while he is a gifted speaker, I’m not so sure that God doesn’t use him more during the rest of the day as I watch him talking with the people.

Bottom line, Fred loves Jesus and wants others to love Him even more! He has a lot to say and people will listen

Matt Utterback

2017 National Superintendent of the Year
North Clackamas Schools

As a school district superintendent, I developed a strong relationship with Fred Douglas over many years as we wrestled with the complexities and cultural dynamics in a large suburban community. Fred is a respected and dedicated community leader who is masterful at bringing people together to listen to one another, develop stronger relationships and better understanding, and eventually help an organization move forward productively. Fred's success comes from his ability to build trusting relationships with those with whom he works and serves. He builds this trust through the use of stories which bring people closer together, helping them connect at a more meaningful level.

Ron Frey

President, Frey Resource Group

It has been my pleasure to have known Fred for more than 15 years in several capacities – a Christian brother, a fellow board member of a Christian School, and a friend in ministry.  I’ve observed Fred demonstrate his love for others, goodwill, wisdom and thoughtfulness in all of these roles. His personal integrity and convictions are evident to all and without question.

I first got to know Fred Douglas through our service on the board of Portland Christian Schools. We joined the board at the same time and after experiencing our first meeting together, we looked at each other and said: “There’s going to be a lot to do here.”

We spent much time in many meetings, worked on building a donor development strategy and consulted with school leadership on many issues. I always appreciated Fred’s clear thinking and attention to the underlying values of every decision we made both thought-provoking and helpful. He was influential in our decisions as a group and never afraid to share his opinion in a way that was respectful and kind.

Fred has served on numerous boards, committees and leadership roles. His understanding of leadership, policy, board governance, management, marketing and fundraising has been honed through many years of experience. He stands as an authority on these issues because he has lived it and succeeded.

I think that any organizational leader or board would benefit from Fred’s foresight, wisdom and counsel. His practical, down to earth perspective and solutions-focus is a valued asset.

Donald L. Krahmer, Jr.

Shareholder, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt

I have known Fred for almost twenty years. One of his biggest strengths is his care of others and building strong relationships. He has practical experience in building organizations and leaders and can be helpful in helping you strengthen your leadership style as well as helping you work through issues in your organization.